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McAfee SECURE sites help keep you safe from identity theft, credit card fraud, spyware, spam, viruses and online scams

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship to Canada?
Yes, we do ship to Canada. There is an $75 extra shipping charge for most of our sinks. Canadian shoppers can make your order online, then call our office, or our office staff will contact you for the extra shipping charge. Due to the prime quality and low price of our sinks, most Canadian shoppers find our products to be of good value and very competitive among others. Canadian Shoppers can click this link to add the extra shipping charge to you shopping cart during check out process:

Who made your sink, what brand is it?
Our sinks are made by our wholesale partner IPT Sink Co., it is a private exclusive brand.

What kind of stainless steel does MySinksandFaucets use?
All of our stainless steel sinks are created with 304 Series Stainless Steel. 304 Series or “surgical grade” stainless steel is non-porous, hygienic, rust-free and extremely durable. This premium grade of stainless steel is considered to be the best formulation for residential sink manufacturing.

What does the gauge of the stainless steel mean?
The gauge is the thickness of the stainless steel. An easy rule of thumb is, the lower the number of the gauge, the thicker and better the stainless steel. Therefore, 18 gauge is better than 20 gauge. All of our stainless steel sinks are 16 or 18 gauge.

What is the difference between 16 gauge and 18 gauge?
The difference is the thickness of the steel.  They are both 304 grade stainless steel, but 16 gauge is a thicker steel.

What is 18/10 stainless steel?

Our sinks are surgical grade stainless steel and the 18/10 refers to the proportion of chromium to nickel in the stainless steel alloy.

What kind of finish does My Sinks and Faucets stainless steel sinks have?
All of our stainless steel sinks have what is called a silky soft satin brushed polished finish. This elegant finish creates an enduring, easy-to-clean luster that is impervious to water stains and calcium deposits. The finish is created by performing numerous hand and machine buffing operations that produce a beautiful luster. .

What kind of undercoating is applied on My Sinks and Faucets Stainless Steel sinks?
Sound deadening pads are installed on all models to eliminate unwanted sounds, such as the garbage disposal growl. All of our sinks feature a deluxe undercoating to eliminate condensation, and assist in retaining water temperature. This undercoating also provides maximum sound absorption.

Why are most My Sinks and Faucets sink drains rear-positioned?
Rear sink drains maximize the “functionality” and “usable” bowl bottom space inside the bowl as well as create extra cabinet storage areas beneath the sink, by installing drain pipes and garbage disposals to the rear or back of the kitchen cabinet.

Can an undermount sink be used as a drop in sink?
No, undermount sinks are not designed to be used in a drop in installation.

What does zero radius mean?
Zero radius is a term that means that there are no rounded corners to the sink walls or deck. It is also referred as 90 Degree sinks.

Why is certification of your kitchen sink so important?

Your kitchen sinks needs to be certified not only for the obvious reason The Quality of the stainless steel; but also that the sink itself has been tested by an approved IAPMO testing facility. This additional testing is extreme important. You want to make sure that the sink that you are putting in your kitchen meets or exceeds the requirements set forth in ASME A112.193-2000 stainless steel plumbing fixtures.  We have submitted our entire product line for testing and we have been certified. Click here to see our certification.  You must protect your investment and your family from some of the cheap imports that are available. There have been many cases of sinks rusting and failing to the extent that there is a major push by county building inspectors to not sign off on plumbing inspections for sinks that can not prove this valuable certification. You can be assured that My Sinks and Faucets will only sell a super high quality product.

This certification is even more important now than ever. As you know the price of Stainless Steel has risen drastically over the past year. There was a large push in the sink industry by smaller companies to increase profits by utilizing a steel called 202 this is not stainless and will rust We will never take short cuts on quality but beware of our competition that might. If they have not been tested by an independent facility stay away no matter what they say or the price they offer.

What is a DFX file?
DFX files are auto cad 3-D vector graphics used by professionals to plot out your installation.  They are used with sophisticated computer equipment

When can I expect my sink?
We ship orders the same day that they are places, providing that they are received before 2PM Eastern Time.  They are shipped UPS Ground service from Atlanta, GA.  The longest it should take to receive your sink is 6 days to the remotest area’s of the USA.

What is your return policy?
See our website for our comprehensive return policy.

Why are your sinks so much cheaper than your competitors?
Our sinks are priced low because we do not have the overhead of a retail space, or additional employees to run such a location.  We keep our business lean and efficient and pass that savings on to our consumers.

What is your warranty?
Please see our website for our comprehensive Warranty policy.

How can I clean my stainless steel sink?
You should use a mild soap and soft cloth to clean your sink, never a harsh chemical or abrasive.  Also, drying your stainless steel sink will help to retain it’s shine. You can read more on this article " How to Clean and Care Your Stainless Steel Sink"

How do I care my Copper Sink?
Copper sink requires very little maintenance. To clean... use a soft, non-abrasive cloth, mild soap, warm water and gently wipe the interior and exterior of your copper sink or bathtub.  Rinse thoroughly with clean water and wipe your sink or tub dry with a clean soft cloth.  Please read our article about "7 Truth about Copper sink and tub" and "Caring for your copper sink and tub".

If you have more questions, feel free to contact us at 1-866-787-4657 or email us at

How much is the shipping cost?

We only charge a flat rate shipping cost of $4.95 for all orders in the continental U.S. for standard shipping. Expedite shipping are extra, can be arrange by calling our office.

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VL-5050 Double Bowl Undermount Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

18 Gauge Stainless Steel Undermount Sinks
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Sink Specials

Luxury 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Undermount Sinks
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16 Gauge Undermount Stainless Steel Sinks

Apron Front Farmhouse Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink
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Apron Front Farmhouse Stainless Steel Kithen Sink

Triple Bowl Undermount Sink
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Triple Bowl Undermont Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

16 Gauge Zero Radius Undermount Stainless Sink
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Zero Radius Undermount Stainless Steel Sink

Hand Made Luxury Elitebath Apron Front Sink with Arts

Elite Bath Apron Front Sink with Arts

Hand Hammered Copper Sinks, Copper Bathtubs, Table Tops and Matching Copper Tiles, Custom Design Available, Starts from $199.00

Copper Kitchen Sinks

Copper Bathtub

Copper Table Tops

Copper Tiles